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Google Consent Mode V2

Google tracking

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying compliant with privacy regulations while ensuring the effectiveness of your campaigns can be a challenging balancing act. For businesses running Google Ads or Google Analytics and targeting European users, the introduction of Google Consent Mode v2 has provided a solution to navigate the complex terrain of user consent. The key to unlocking the full potential of this feature lies in the seamless integration with iubenda’s Consent Management Platform (CMP).

Consent Banners and Data Loss

One of the primary challenges faced by marketers targeting European users is the potential loss of valuable marketing data due to rejected consent banners. In an era where user privacy is of utmost importance, obtaining explicit consent for data processing has become a mandatory step for businesses. However, this process can often lead to users rejecting consent, resulting in a significant gap in data collection and analysis.

iubenda's Integration with Google Consent Mode v2

Enter iubenda, a Google-certified Consent Management Platform that has simplified the integration process with Google Consent Mode v2. By installing iubenda’s CMP, businesses can ensure a smooth and efficient workflow that not only complies with privacy regulations but also maximizes the potential for data-driven marketing strategies.

Enabling Conversion and Analytics Modeling

The magic happens when iubenda seamlessly integrates with Google Consent Mode v2. This integration allows for the enablement of conversion and analytics modeling, bridging the data gaps that arise when users choose not to provide consent. As a result, businesses can recover conversion data on approximately 65% of ad clicks from users who initially reject consent.

An 18% Increase in Conversions

The power of this integration is evident in the real-world results experienced by one advertiser featured in Google’s case study. By leveraging iubenda with Google Consent Mode v2, the advertiser reported an impressive 18% increase in conversions. This substantial improvement underscores the significance of capturing and utilizing data from users who may initially reject consent.

Key Benefits of iubenda's Integration

  1. Data Recovery: Reclaim valuable conversion data from users who opt-out of consent, mitigating the impact of data loss on campaign performance.

  2. Compliance: Ensure compliance with privacy regulations by seamlessly integrating iubenda’s CMP, which is certified by Google.

  3. Enhanced Analytics: Enable robust analytics modeling, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of user behavior and campaign performance.

  4. Optimized Conversions: Experience a boost in conversions, as demonstrated by the success of advertisers in Google’s case studies.

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