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ECB Cars
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Brandmanagement – DIGITAL MARKETING

ECB Cars is a luxury car dealership specializing in high-end vehicles from Peugeot. They have a wide range of cars,, and cater to a niche market of mid-level individuals.


  1. Market Saturation: The luxury car market is highly competitive, with several established players. ECB Cars needed a strategy to stand out.
  2. Online Presence: The client lacked a strong online presence and was not effectively utilizing digital marketing channels.
  3. Brand Recognition: ECB Cars needed to build brand recognition and establish itself as a go-to destination for luxury car enthusiasts.


  1. Market Analysis and Competitive Research:
    • ADD-Design began by conducting a thorough analysis of the luxury car market, identifying key competitors, market trends, and consumer preferences.
  2. Brand Strategy and Positioning:
    • ADD-Design worked with ECB Cars to define a unique value proposition and positioning in the market. This involved identifying the specific features and benefits that set ECB Cars apart from the competition.
  3. Website and Online Presence Enhancement:
    • A new, user-friendly, and visually appealing website was created for ECB Cars. It included features like easy car search options, virtual showroom tours, and an integrated chat support for customer inquiries.
    • The website was optimized for SEO to improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.
  4. Content Marketing:
    • A content marketing strategy was implemented to create and share informative, engaging, and high-quality content related to luxury cars, the automotive industry, and customer testimonials.
    • A blog was launched to provide insights, tips, and reviews related to luxury vehicles.
  5. Social Media Marketing:
    • Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn were leveraged to showcase ECB Cars’ inventory, share news, and engage with the audience.
    • Targeted advertising campaigns were created to reach potential car buyers.
  6. Email Marketing:
    • An email marketing campaign was initiated to keep existing customers informed about new arrivals, promotions, and events.
    • Personalized email sequences were developed to nurture leads and encourage conversions.
    • ADD-Design identified potential partnerships with luxury lifestyle brands and influencers in the automotive industry to expand ECB Cars’ reach and appeal.
  7. Analytics and KPI Tracking:
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs) were established, including website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, and lead generation.
    • Regular analytics and reporting were conducted to assess the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and make data-driven adjustments.


  1. Increased Online Visibility: ECB Cars’ website saw a significant increase in organic search traffic, resulting in more potential buyers discovering the dealership online.
  2. Improved Brand Recognition: Through consistent content marketing and social media efforts, ECB Cars established itself as a trusted source of information and luxury cars for mid segment market.
  3. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Social media campaigns and influencer partnerships led to increased engagement, and email marketing nurtured leads into paying customers.
  4. Sales Growth: With the improved online presence and targeted marketing efforts, ECB Cars experienced a notable increase in sales.
  5. Continued Improvement: ADD-Design maintained an ongoing strategy, regularly analyzing data and making adjustments to ensure long-term success and growth for ECB Cars in the luxury car market.
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